Crush 100% Recycled Glass Tile

Crush, Fireclays new 100% Recycled Glass Tile, is grown from right within Fireclays local environment, and the result is a glass tile line that is unique, sustainable, and stunning.

The name "Crush" stems from the fact that Fireclay sources the raw waste glass from within 20 miles, crushes and processes the glass in its local San Jose, CA manufacturing facility, and then transforms the material into stunning recycled glass tile.

The color names are inspired by natural elements (Ash, Poppy, Elm, etc), mimicking the organic nature of Fireclays localized sourcing and production of Crush. The result is a sustainable recycled glass tile line that is available immediately for residential and commercial projects.

Crush sets it self apart from other recycled glass tiles because it is:

  • Recycled pre-consumer window glass sourced from within 20 miles of Fireclays manufacturing facility.
  • Proprietary glass fusing technology paired with state-of-the-art kiln firing results in recycled glass tiles that take less than one-fourth the energy of traditional cast-glass tile.
  • Available in 8 colors.
  • Hand made giving each tile it's own characteristics.

Crush, brochure download Please click here to download our PDF.